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Why are we the Best Pro Only Exchange?

Our Unique System allow you to Keep a VERY LOW subscription and
increase your account advantage month after month!

How does Customization work?

Every month, you are getting 1 custom point.
You can spend that point to increase your surfing ratio, lower your timer, increase your commission, your monthly credits and even your referrals earning in credits.

If you prefer NOT to wait to get the best stats for your account...
You can always buy Custom Point at a very LOW Rate.

The low one time cost of customization allow us and your upline to trust
in our long time income plan.

Why would one cancel a $1.45 Subscription when you get a $15 value upgrade
that is similar as on the most popular Traffic-Exchange?

Customization are Lifetime Account Improvement!

Why a Pro Exchange:
Better member bases:

People that join our site are people that are ready to spend
some cash to earn more cash online.
This is the exact kind of people you want to show your ads to.

Our low monthly cost make it easy for anyone that is ready to take a risk to join,
but is not too high neither, so our members will stay and activity will growth.

No matter if you are looking to build a recurrent income or to display your ads in front of paid, quality members, Custom-Hits is for you!

Customization Limit:

Starting at 0.6 can reach 1.1 credits per click.
Starting at 10 Sec. Timer, can be as low as 5 sec.
Up to 65% commission
Up to 30%-7% referral credits activity.
Minimum $10 Payout
Up to 500 Credits monthly!

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